Liam Williams On Why He Can’t Do TV Work & What He’s Doing To Try Fix It

Fair play.

Saracens star Liam Williams has revealed that the reason he’s unable to do any TV work is because he swears too much and struggles with a stammer.

His speech impediment has troubled him for most of his life, but the Lions tourist has finally plucked up the courage to seek out a therapist to help him try curb it.

Williams says the goal is to improve himself and hopefully do some more TV work, because at the end of the day, it pays well!

“I swear a lot,” Williams told The Times
“That’s why I don’t do much TV work. If I know in my head that I’m going to stop speaking I’ll swear. I’m learning not to swear as much. With the stammer, I used to take myself out of groups. If the lads were stood around talking I’d edge away thinking ‘I’m a bit uncomfortable talking in a big group’.
“I want to improve myself so I’ve been to see a speech therapist. The therapist has a speech impediment himself but learnt to overcome it.
He recorded me speaking and he’s going to come back with a series of recommendations and map out a way forward. The aim is to do more TV work. It pays well after all.”

Hopefully he can overcome it. Fair play to him for mustering up the courage to try and overcome it. Anyone that has suffered with a speech impediment will tell you just how difficult it is.

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