Kiwi Journalist Perfectly Sums Up Why Ireland Is Perfect For The 2023 RWC

“You think the Irish like a party when they travel? Wait to you see them at home.”

Ever since World Rugby came to the decision that South Africa are their recommendation to host the 2023 Rugby World Cup, their has been universal outcry.

From the very beginning everyone has wanted and believed that Ireland should host the showpiece event. Ireland have put together a wonderful plan and encapsulated everyone’s hearts. It’s just simply meant to be.

It’s time to give the little old island a shot at hosting the big one. Ireland’s fans and players have given so much to the game over the years, and this should be their reward.

Lots of people have tried to explain why, and Kiwi journalist Paul Cully might have finally done that with his excellent piece for Stuff.

“Dear New Zealand Rugby, if you want to follow the money tick the box for either France or South Africa to host the 2023 World Cup.
Count the cash and forget the romance. But go off down that mad route where money is God and see where it takes you. For football it eventually led to Qatar in 2022.
If you want to follow the heart, tick Ireland. Think back to a famous night in 2011 when Eden Park was turned green and the Wallabies wilted because they thought they were in Dublin.
That’s what you’ll get from Ireland in 2023, every week for two months. You think the Irish like a party when they travel? Wait to you see them at home.
There is something special about big tournaments held on islands, as New Zealand can attest. They captivate the place; they happen in the foreground.
And there is something about the emerald island at this point in its history.
The old cliches about the warm hospitality and Guinness still hold but Ireland is also defined by its modernity. It is led by Leo Varadkar, its first openly gay Taoiseach whose father is Indian.”

That’s just a snippet of his piece, and it says it all really. We highly recommend reading it in its entirety here.

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