Watch: Police Release Horrific Footage Of Brutal Assault In Rugby Match


Police in the United States have released a footage of a horrific on-field assault in a university rugby game. The Footage shows an Arizona State University rugby player kicking a University of Arizona player in the face during a game on February 25.

The culprit Christopher Crawford can be seen kicking the unsuspecting victim Douglas Neary full force into the face, while he was bending over tying his boot lace.

Neary suffered a concussion and required facial reconstruction surgery. A metal plate and six screws were inserted in his face. ABC 15 Arizona reported that Crawford, 21, was charged with aggravated assault three days after the rugby match.

Crawford alleges that he was punched by Neary earlier in the match. Police reviewed video of the game and said they observed a shove, but no punch by Neary. Three referees told police the kick was “the worst thing they have ever seen in their history with rugby”.

Crawford wasn’t a student at Arizona State at the time of the incident and it’s unclear why he was allowed to play for the rugby club team at the school.

Just after the incident, the University of Arizona released a statement that read:

“We are saddened by the unfortunate events of February 25 which left one of our rugby players injured at the hands of a competitor. Our goal is to provide a competitive environment focused on good sportsmanship. This incident is an egregious exception. Our thoughts now are with our student and his full recovery.”

Crawford claims he is not guilty and faces a trial on December 11.

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