WATCH: Mathieu Bastareaud Could Be In Big Trouble For What He Just Said Here

Not on.

French centre Mathieu Bastareaud has never been too far from a bit of controversy. There’s absolutely no doubting his talent, but how he carries himself at times is questionable.

Today while Toulon were taking on Treviso, he perhaps finally went too far, even by his standards, with some very poor language used towards one of his opponents.

The Treviso players were unhappy with just minutes on the clock, as Bastareaud appeared to use no arms in a clearout, and upon closer inspection, they were probably right.

A bit of a tussle ensued and Bastareaud lost the plot, insulting one of the Treviso players. Just listen to what he says at the end of this clip. Absolutely not on.

For those who can’t hear.. he calls him a f&@king f@ggot.

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