Super Computer Predicts Every Single Six Nations Result

A Grand Slam awaits.

Who’s going to win this year’s Six Nations? Will their be a Grand Slam? According to QBE Business Insurance and their super computer, the answer is yes.

Once again that have used a complex scientific formula by feeding rugby data into a computer to try to predict the outcome from every match in this year’s tournament.

The computer model is used to simulate each of the 15 matches 10,000 times to come up with the most likely final outcome, and it’s got a decent track record so far, coming very close to the actual result on a number of occasions in November.

They have factored in a multitude of rugby factors, including form, home advantage, the number of tries and successful kicks at goal teams average, world rankings and even the number of caps of each captain.

Most of us reckon it will come down to a Grand Slam decider on the final day between England and Ireland, and so does the computer. The winner? England by two points.

Great if you’re an England fan, not so great if you’re Irish. But the good news is, the computer isn’t always right. The difference is just two points, meaning Ireland could very easily prove it wrong.

We imagine Scotland, France, Wales and even Italy will also be on a mission to prove it wrong. Either way, it’s going to be another cracking tournament.


Wales 23 Scotland 19

France 17 Ireland 24

Italy 12 England 36


Ireland 41 Italy 12

England 29 Wales 18

Scotland 24 France 17


France 33 Italy 16

Ireland 23 Wales 17

Scotland 18 England 26


Ireland 28 Scotland 16

France 18 England 24

Wales 40 Italy 16


Italy 13 Scotland 27

England 19 Ireland 17

Wales 23 France 13

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