Taulupe Faletau Reveals Why Everyone Stopped Calling Him Toby

Toby will do just fine.

Wales, Lions and Bath back-row Taulupe Faletau has revealed why everyone suddenly stopped calling him ‘Toby’ in favour of his full name Taulupe.

It’s quite simple really. Toby is just a bit of a nickname that everyone uses for him, but it got to a stage where ‘Toby’ was even written on his Test match jerseys for Wales.

Faletau wanted his real name to be written on his jersey from now on, but for anything else he’s happy with being called Toby.

“Since my first cap (with Wales) it’s been Toby Faletau.” Faletau told his former Wales and Dragons teammate Andrew Coombs.

“Toby really isn’t anything to do with me it’s just a name I kind of made up. So I just wanted Taulupe on my jersey, because it’s my name!”

“But in person and whatever else, Toby is fine, perfectly fine.”

Toby it is then. Much easier to remember the spelling.

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