Joe Schmidt Once Again Proves He’s A Freak When It Comes To Attention To Detail

The master.

Joe Schmidt in regarded as one of the leading head coaches in world rugby, and a lot of that is down to his meticulous attention to detail. He studies his owne players and the opposition with a fine tooth comb.

Former Ireland and Ulster back-row Stephen Ferris recalled a story not too long ago involving Andrew Trimble that should give you an idea of what we’re talking about.

Trimble was at Carlton House with the Irish Rugby team, and accidentally left his key-card for his room behind. Schmidt was not impressed with the winger, and made it known to him.

“Joe Schmidt is sitting in the team room and he’s sitting on the couch.” Ferris said.

There’s a keycard sitting on the sofa. He picked up the keycard went up to reception and said ‘Can you tell me whose keycard that is?’

‘Yeah, it’s A. Trimble 216.’

‘No problem.’

He walks the 500 yards back down and two floors up, knocks on the door. Trimby opens the door ‘OK Joe, how are you doing?’

He says ‘Is this your keycard Andrew?’

‘Did I leave that down in the team room Joe?’

He says ‘Yeah. You make mistakes off the pitch, you’ll make mistakes on the pitch. Don’t let it happen again.’

Then yesterday, at the 2018 Six Nations launch in London, we were once again given a timely reminder of Schmidt’s incredible, almost freakish attention to detail .

Rugby journalist Charlie Morgan pointed out how Schmidt referred to a crucial penalty that swung the game in England’s favour against France last year.

“I *think* there was a crucial scrum penalty with *about* 14 minutes to go…” Schmidt said.

How far was he off? Have a look below.

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