A Look At The Highest Paid Positions In The PRO14, Premiership & Top 14

Some interesting findings.

Salaries in rugby have become a huge talking point in recent years as increased revenue across the top leagues in Europe, have resulted the player market exploding.

There was a time when players made the move up north from Super Rugby as their Test careers came to an end, but with the increasing wages on offer particularly in England and France, players are making the move younger and younger each year.

This has had a huge effect across Europe for both domestic and foreign players, with salaries continuing to rocket up. But which positions are the highest in demand?

Esportif International, a rugby talent management agency, has produced some numbers to reveal on average, what positions demand the highest salaries across the three major European leagues – the Guinness PRO14, the Top 14 and the Aviva Premiership.

In England and France outhalves are commanding the highest salaries, while interestingly it’s fullbacks who are earning the big bucks in the Guinness PRO14 (we’re looking at you Charles Piutau).

In France number eight is the second highest paid position in the league, with top stars like Louis Picamoles and Victor Vito commanding huge salaries, while in England and the PRO14, number eights are much lower down.

Have a look at the graphic below. Some really interesting findings.

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