World Rugby Should Be Ashamed Of Themselves Says Respected Journalist

“The country that paid the most won. World Rugby sold out.”

Respected Irish journalist Billy Keane says World Rugby should be ashamed of themselves after they recommended South Africa host the 2023 Rugby World Cup.

Of the three nations, South Africa pledged the most money, with France in second and Ireland in third. Coincidentally, the recommendation rankings are exactly the same.

Keane says World Rugby have no memory or loyalty and have forgotten Ireland’s incredible contribution to the game. He believes they have simply accepted the highest bid.

World Rugby placed Ireland third of three. World Rugby didn’t get the value of bringing rugby back to the people.
World Rugby went for the money. And rich bums on pricey seats will replace families and fans who care.
World Rugby has no memory. World Rugby has no loyalty. They have forgotten our contribution to the game. Ireland has never hosted a World Cup. And unless the rugby-playing nations come to our aid, no small country, including New Zealand, will ever host a World Cup again.
World Rugby has no sense of fun. The sterile report never referenced an Ireland of storytellers, an Ireland of the party and the good times to come. World Rugby has no heart.

You can read Keane’s excellent piece from The Irish Independent in full here.

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