Watch: Stunning Grassroots Promo Encapsulates What Rugby Is All About

The game of our lives.

Rugby is a very special sport for a variety of reasons. Many love the physicality, speed and sheer skill that is on show in almost every game, but its core values are what make rugby stand out from other sports.

Respect and camaraderie are at the foot of those core values, and anyone that has picked up a ball and played with a team over the years will tell you just that.

Rugby makes you a better person and it’s as simple as that. And this new video from England Rugby encapsulates that wonderfully, as they look to get more people playing at grassroots level, while also promoting the international game.

Have a watch below. If you’ve never played before, you’ll want to after this, and if you’ve stopped, it’s sure to get you back playing. Those who are still playing will smile, as it’s a reminder of why you continue to do so.

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