Watch: Incredible Irish Rugby Ad Featuring Murray, Furlong, Best & O’Halloran


‘Who We Are Is How We Play’ is Vodafone’s latest campaign as part of their #TeamOfUs sponsorship of the Irish rugby team.

The campaign launches with a 2:40 short film released today which gives a rare glimpse into the childhoods and younger days of Rory Best, Tadhg Furlong, Conor Murray and Tiernan O’Halloran. We see how, like all of us, their surroundings and upbringings have defined who they are as people.

Most of the events in the film are based on actual moments in the players’ lives. The scenes with Tadhg Furlong, Conor Murray and Tiernan O’Halloran as kids, for example, came from anecdotes that the players shared, with both Conor Murray and Tadhg Furlongs’ Dads playing themselves in cameo roles.

Check it out below.

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