The Latest Jared Payne Injury Update Has Us Still Really Concerned


Ulster performance analyst and skills coach Niall Malone says the timing of Jared Payne’s return to action remains uncertain.

The Ireland centre has not played for Ulster this season because of recurring headaches, having flown home early from the British and Irish Lions tour to New Zealand in the summer.

The good news however, is there hasn’t been any talk of retirement just yet, with Ulster expecting him to eventually make a recovery. The fact that they still can’t give us a timeframe though, is cause for concern.

“There’s no talk at all at the minute of him not playing again.” Malone told the BBC.

“I spoke to him after training today, he trained fully.”

“It’s a funny thing because it’s not a concussion. Obviously I’m not a head expert, so I can’t go into too much detail. He plays and gets a mild headache and then it’s fine again.”

“That’s not how the human brain is supposed to work, so we have to look after him.”

“I think a few years ago he probably would have played by now, but because the medical care is better and we’re more conscious of player welfare, he hasn’t played.”

“But I’m absolutely sure he will play again in the near future.”

Here’s hoping.

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