Stuart Hogg Shed 20 Pounds By Removing One Very Irish Thing From His Diet

Tough one to give up.

Scotland and Glasgow fullback Stuart Hogg has revealed that he shed 20 pounds over the summer by giving up drinking Guinness.

The Lions star was forced to return home early from the tour of New Zealan after fracturing his eye socket in a freak accident with teammate Conor Murray and used the extra time to get himself into better shape.

Hogg says he made the decision when he struggled to fit into his suit at Duncan Weir’s wedding.

“I was sick of seeing photos of how fat I was getting, so I decided to shed a few pounds,” he said
“It was mainly after the summer. I knew I was getting a shoulder op and I had the potential to balloon. I actually took the decision (to give up Guinness) at Duncan Weir’s wedding in July, where I was an usher, and I was struggling to get the jacket shut from the measurements taken six months earlier.
“It’s made a difference in terms of how I look and how I play but also in terms of life in general, which makes it sound like I’ve been in rehab! I lost about nine kilos [20 pounds] and then managed to put a couple back on when the shoulder was building back up again.
“I was quick last year but now it’s roughly similar scores but more consistent and I feel I can go for longer as well. I’m never going to be a guy who can run over the top of people so I need to be in a position where I can go around them or step them. I also did a lot of speedwork when I was injured and hopefully that will help.”


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