Plans In Place For Huge $50 Million Cross-Code Rugby Match

Battle of the codes.

The All Blacks could face the Kangaroos in a massive cross-code, clash of the world champions encounter that could generate a whopping A$50 million.

Sydney’s Daily Telegraph is reporting that talks have taken place for union’s top international side to take on league’s top international side in Tokyo, Japan with each team set to receive an unprecedented $10 million or almost $600,000 per player.

The Telegraph says the All Blacks and Australian Rugby League have both shown interest in the concept – claiming and that the match could take place “two to four weeks” after the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan.

Hybrid Rugby chairman Phil Franks has reportedly met with NZR chief strategy and operations officer, Nigel Cass, in Wellington to discuss the proposal

“I had a formal discussion with the New Zealand Rugby Union and they were really interested,” Franks told the Telegraph.
“They stipulated they wanted to see an elite-class game.
“They are the first to give us a window and a time as to when they want to do it. That window was two weeks to a month after the 2019 World Cup final in Tokyo [on November 2].
“We are absolutely confident we can put it together. This game will be worth $50m. It will be just as big as the final of the World Cup.
“There hasn’t been any formal agreement at this stage but you know and I know it’s going to happen.”

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