PIC: English Fan Prematurely Celebrates Grand Slam Ahead Of Scotland Game

Not again.

England don’t exactly have the best of track records when it comes to prematurely celebrating Grand Slams.

It all began way back in 2011, when England’s kit sponsors at the time Nike, created a lovely video package celebrating a 2011 Grand Slam triumph. The only problem is, the video leaked before they played Ireland the final game. And er… Ireland won, and there was no Grand Slam for England.

Then of course there was last year. Once again Ireland stood in England’s way on the final day. And once again Ireland spoiled the party. But for some reason England had “Grand Slam Champions 2017” t-shirts on sale before the competition even began, albeit unofficial ones.

The Times also accidentally posted an article by Stuart Barnes last year, lauding England for winning back to back slams. How embarrassing.

Now there’s this fella, spotted ahead of the Scotland game (which England lost by the way). When will they learn?

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