EPCR & Toulon Respond To Homophobic Slur By Mathieu Bastareaud

Not cool.

France centre Mathieu Bastareaud could be in big trouble, after he was caught using a homophobic slur at the end of Sunday’s Champions Cup match between Toulon and Benetton.

Bastareaud got in a bit of a tussle with flanker Sebastian Negri towards the end of the game, after the French centre had been accused of using no arms in a clear out.

After they had been separated, Bastareaud could quite clearly be heard calling Negri a “fu*kin faggot,” much to the immediate disgust of Andy Goode, who was on commentary.

EPCR noted after they game that they were made award of his comments, with a citing made.

Bastareaud is alleged to have verbally abused a Benetton Rugby player in the 80th minute of the match in contravention of Law 9.12.

The complaint was made by the match Citing Commissioner, Dennis Jones (Wales).

Law 9.12 Verbal abuse of a player carries the following sanction entry points – Low End: 6 weeks; Mid-range: 12 weeks; Top end: 18 to 52 weeks.

Details of the independent Disciplinary Hearing and any other disciplinary matters arising from Round 5 of EPCR’s competitions will be announced as soon as practicable.

Toulon have also released a statement regarding the incident, in which they defend their player.

While EPCR launched an investigation following the comments of Bastareaud held against a player of Benetton Rugby Sunday afternoon at Mayol in the match of the 5 th day of Champions Cup and after Bastareaud is personally excused saying “I want to apologize for my reaction to the insults of the Italian player, I responded badly to his provocation, I am sincerely sorry for the people I could hurt,” the Rugby Club Toulonnais wishes to recall that he has always advocated and defended the differences between individuals and respect for them.

The RCT is convinced that Mathieu has made unfortunate comments following a state of nervousness as there may be in a rugby match and he is in no way homophobic. This verbal slippage should not allow to throw in pasture our captain who has always defended the diversity between individuals and shows it every day in a group of players toulonnais heteroclite.

Bastareaud is set for a disciplinary hearing on either Tuesday or Wednesday this week.

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