Conor Murray Refuses To Rule Out Following Simon Zebo Abroad


Simon Zebo’s decision to leave Munster at the end of the season at just 27 has shocked a lot of us. While we knew an eventual move to France was always on the cards for Zebo, we all thought it would happen a few years down the line as he entered the twilight of his career.

For Zebo to leave his international career behind, coming into the prime of his career, two years before a Rugby World Cup, it begs the question; who else might follow?

It’s well known that Conor Murray and Zebo are best friends, both on and off a rugby pitch, and the scrumhalf has refused to rule out following his pal abroad.

Arguably the world’s best scrumhalf, Murray could command in incredible salary in France or England. While his contract runs until after the 2019 Rugby World Cup, Murray hasn’t ruled out making a move then.

“I’m signed until the end of the World Cup. It’s head-turning. You have to weigh up your options and see where you stand. We’re very well looked after here at the moment.
“It’s a lifestyle choice for Simon as well so you would have to see where you are. I’m focusing on my rugby until then.”

Murray will be still just 30 when the time comes. Could he follow Zebo to France? Nothing would surprise us at this stage.

Conor Murray was speaking at an event for Vodafone.

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