Clive Woodward Says Only Three Teams Can Win The 2019 Rugby World Cup

And then there were three.

Former England head coach Clive Woodward has described the recent international window in Europe as “a largely meaningless procession of friendlies”.

Writing in his regular column for the Daily Mail, Woodward reckons only England v Australia and Scotland against the All Blacks captured the rugby imagination last November.

“They used to be massive North v South clashes, a huge buzz around the matches and a chance to play at a level higher than the Six Nations. This time there has been far more buzz about the European club games,” 

In terms of the 2019 Rugby World Cup, Woodward believes the likes of Australia and South Africa are no longer capable of winning the tournament, with only Ireland, England and the All Blacks realistically in the running.

“Currently it seems only three countries can realistically lay claims to having what it takes to win a World Cup – New Zealand, England and Ireland. That is a disaster for rugby and little different from the Rugby League World Cup.”

What do you think? Is he right?

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